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Message  Mostafatafoghalt le 5/12/2008, 11:14

Hi all,

I have been distributing a number of children stories and fables to my students to read and to try to make summaries of them. The results have been very encouraging Question . hhh

Students have come out with interesting summaries, and some of them have presented wonderful works. They have even tried to draw the characters of the fables.

In 2007, I made my students watch a film entitled "King Lion", and I told them to try to make a summary of it. I noticed that it was a bit difficult for students learning English for the first time to perform such a task. However, some students managed to come out with nice summaries.

In the Near future, I am planning to introduce Rod Stewart's song "I am Sailing" when dealing with the present continuous tense.

Please, if you have any idea of how to find educative songs, let me know.

Have Nice Time Basketball



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