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Hi all,

Summary of Ibtissam Kaddouri

"This translated book speaks about one christmas morning, when Jim Dear gave his wife, Darling, a very special present. Darling was very happy with that present. It was a cake with a lady name on. Lady loved her new home and her best friends, Jack and Trusty. When Lady was six months old, Darling gave her a smart blue collar.
Lady felt that she was the luckiest and happiest dog in the whole world.
One day, Jock and Trusty found Lady lying by her water bowl. She looked very sad. Lady explained that Jim Dear and Darling seemed cross with her but she did not know why.
The baby was born that spring. Jim Dear and Darling were overjoyed. And so was lady. When Jim Dear and Darling went to visit friends, aunt Sarah came to look after the baby. She brought the two cats with her. They were sly and mischievous. They raced through the house, frightening the canary. Lady ran out of the door into the busty road. Cars and lorries whizzled by...."

Ibtissam Kaddouri, 3/1, N° 24.

N.B: I corrected some grammar and spelling mistakes, but I did not interfere in the style.

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