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Message  Mostafatafoghalt le 7/12/2008, 09:54

Hi all,

These are some tips about how to manage a class. You can enrich the topic by posting your views and experiences.

Classroom Behaviour & Motivation

Many teachers are constantly looking for an arsenal of effective disciplinary measures that will allow them to maintain control of their classrooms. What they don't realize is that non-productive or disruptive behavior is almost always the result of ineffective classroom management. Some of the most well-meaning teachers fall into the trap of wasting precious time and energy trying to correct chaotic situations that could easily have been avoided. Be preventive, not reactionary.

The Truth About Classroom Discipline:

Contrary to what they may say and how they might act, your students come in wanting to respect you. They detest weak adults and feel safe and secure around a firm, but fair authoritative figure. Though they may not like you, they will listen if you behave in a way that commands respect.


• be fair
• be firm
• be consistent
• be a role model
• handle non-compliance immediately
• stand your ground
• let your students know you care about them
• practice tough love
• exhibit the behavior you expect from students
• talk to your kids and treat them with kindness
• stay level-headed


• let your class to see you frustrated or out of control
• lose your cool if your students push your buttons
• put kids on the defensive or behave confrontationally
• become so overwhelmed and burned out that you ignore/block out/lower your awareness of inappropriate behavior

Have nice time.


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